In our ever changing roles as women, we strive to balance it all. We're daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, career women and care givers. For many the quest for perfection is the goal, seeking to live nearly flawlessly. Our roles may change over time but our quest for excellence never does.

Exhausted, overwhelmed, and over stretched: sound familiar? The idea of being a doting wife, patient mom, sensitive sister, the go to woman at work, and a community volunteer, all the while keeping a clean house, clean kids and to shed 20 pounds, is nearly impossible for most of us. We're hard on ourselves if we miss the mark we've set. We seek to please and do for others, but rarely take care of ourselves.

If that's you today, stop and sit for a bit. Grab of cup of coffee or tea and join me. Here you'll find encouragement, transparency, inspiration and down to earth ideas on how to live life more abundantly. Sharing life together and growing in the process.

Sharp women aren't perfect,
but we thrive where we're planted!

Sharp Women
~ Inspiring Women to Thrive ~

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